NUTRA ORGANICS Blueberry Gutsy Gummies - Product Review


Australian Grass Fed Bovine Gelatin (80%)
Premium Fruits (Blueberry* (7%), Apple*, Wildcrafted Sea Buckthorn*)
Natural Plant Based Flavours
Blue Spirulina
Natural Sweetener (Thaumatin)

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Looking for a fun and healthy activity to do with your kids? Look no further than Nutra Organics Blueberry Gutsy Gummies! These gummies are not only delicious but also packed with great ingredients that promote gut health. With just a few simple steps, you can easily make these gummies at home, providing a fantastic opportunity to engage your little ones in the kitchen and teach them about the importance of nutritious eating.

The process of making these gummies is not only simple but also incredibly fun. Kids will love getting involved in mixing, pouring, and shaping the gummy treats while learning about the benefits of using natural ingredients like blueberries and gelatin. This hands-on experience helps children develop an appreciation for wholesome foods and empowers them to make healthier choices as they grow.

Incorporating Nutra Organics Blueberry Gutsy Gummies into your family's routine is an excellent way to encourage bonding time with your kids whilst creating a yummy snack that is great for gut health! My little ones think they are getting a little lollie. So it makes for a good little healthy bribing snack if the need ever arises haha. I highly recommend giving them a try if you're looking for an exciting way to incorporate more goodness into your daily routine!

I have my own recipe for making your own gummies with kombucha on my recipes blog too, even though my own recipe is super easy to make, this product is probably a little easier that! One serving, which uses around 50g of powder makes a lot of gummies, that will last several weeks. I keep them in the freezer and place them in the girls lunch boxes, they melt just in time for a snack or lunch. They are an absolute hit and they love it when I get the mixture out to make these. 

 We purchased ours from Health Post. I will pop a link here . It also helps doing a quick google search too just in case any businesses that stock this product are having a little sale or special. 


Enjoy the bonding time while making these with your little ones! I absolutely love it. 




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